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Important Notes / Term & Conditions

  1. All rates / Reservations presented here are subject to change or cancellation by the airline without notice prior to issue.

  2. Being able to change rates at anytime by the respective airline, the passenger must make sure the rate in effect at the time of payment of the same, because it can be  different from that in force at the time of issue of the quotation.

  3. Special rates are subject to payment of penalties for date change, as regulated by the respective airline.

  4. There are some special rates that do no allow refund and change of date or route after the issue as regulated by the respective airline.

  5. Some rates are as regulated by the respective airline miss the total price of the airfare in case of NO-SHOW ( absence from the board and no cancellation of booking in case of cancellation in advance).

  6. After the issue of airfare is not possible to change the passenger's name.

  7. All reservations  must be reconfirmed 72Hours before the date of travel.

  8. It is the passenger's responsibility to verify that the data contained in the ticket , such as name, date and route of travel, are in agreement with the requested prior to issuance of the respective flight.

  9. All matters relating to transit or entry visas are the responsibility of the passenger or the interested entity.

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